Who Are You, Heather?

You’re probably going to be sorry you asked…

The first thing you should know about me is, I’m a complete nerd. Stories about time travel, space, magic, possible futures and alternate pasts captivate me. New developments in science always grab my attention, love everything to do with Cell and Neuro Biology, and I know the origin stories of every Marvel character. Stan Lee is my personal hero. Action/Adventure is my movie/TV genre, and if there are Sci-Fi elements, or better yet the story has anything to do with time travel, I’m all over it. Quotes from Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Futurama make up my everyday vocabulary; in fact, my whole family are nerds, and we have our own language, made up of catch phrases from all the movies and books we love. Non-nerd visitors get lost and confused when trying to join our conversations. I’m Team Valor in Pokémon Go, and the Sorting Hat would have put me in Griffindor, after arguing that I belonged in Ravenclaw because I love reading and learning so much. Then I’d have reminded the Hat that anybody who has survived what I have, and who kept coming back for more, has more courage than is good for anyone.

I’m a two-time recipient of the Wyoming Arts Council’s Fellowship in Creative Nonfiction; both times excerpts from my memoir, SLOWLY TURN THE KALEIDOSCOPE, secured the win. (Poor book is still out searching for an agent). A short story of mine was published in October of 2018 in Julie Czerneda’s science fiction anthology, TALES OF PLEXIS. Since I love Czerneda’s stories, having my own ideas become canon in one of her Universes is total bliss!

I’m working on two YouTube channels right now; Heather LaVonne Jensen and TimeTravelNerd. Thankfully, someone else has already blazed the trail for me. Miles Beckler is the nicest, smartest and most helpful Internet marketer in the world, a complete mensch, and I’m devouring all his videos, and if you have a blog or want a YouTube Channel, you should too.

I love public speaking and received my Toastmaster’s Competent Communicator Award a few years back. Performing is in my blood; translation, I love to show off. I was the Arnold Horshack of my fifth-grade class.

My mild-mannered identity is Foundation Assistant of the Laramie County Library Foundation; it’s terrific and you should really donate all you can afford so we can give the Laramie County Library System tons of money to buy more books!

My first and most important job is being the mother of three genius children and the wife of an amazing and hilarious man who knows even more nerdy stuff than I do. Thank goodness we still love each other after thirty years of marriage and thirty-one years of being together, because we’d never find anyone else who’d know all our quotes and be able to script scenes with us.

So now you know! Who are you?